nate lewis

Artist Bio



Nate Lewis was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh and now lives and works between DC and NYC.

He began his working career as a critical care registered nurse, working in a medical-surgical intensive care unit, a stroke unit, a neuroscience-surgical intensive care unit and a surgical recovery unit. He worked as a critical care registered nurse for nine years. 

Drawing inspiration from his nursing experience, anatomy, and physiology, he creates intricate 2-3d sculptures out of single sheets of paper that visually combine the aesthetics of drawing, sculpture, etching, embroidery, and textiles. Lewis’ approach is often instinctive and free while simultaneously surgically precise.

Treating the paper like an organism itself, he sculpts patterns akin to cellular tissue and anatomical elements, allowing hidden histories and patterns to be uncovered from the photographs. Lewis approaches subjects and imagery from a diagnostic place with the idea of utilizing diagnostic lenses and contrast dyes. Speaking of his process, he states, ”By virtue of my medical training, I am interested in the tensions that exist within and without us.” Ultimately, the work embraces humanistic ideas of human connection and understanding.