Patrick alston

Artist Bio



Patrick Alston’s energetically create works that, along with the interplay of titles, trigger thought-provoking and reflective topics including but not limited to socio-politics, materiality, complexities of identity, language, and the psychology of color.“I seek to contribute to the dialogue of the native black experience through the use of abstraction, opposed to the black figure, in an attempt to further expand the conversation of blackness outside of the physical and visual structures of figurative painting.” Re-contextualized subjects, rich palettes and complex compositions are dramatized, exhilarating energies, expressed through gestural mark-making (some of which are reminiscent of traditional New York graffiti). These images evoke harmonious tension and challenge viewers to look carefully at the world around them, discovering value in unconventional places.

Born and raised in the South Bronx, Alsoton graduated from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he studied Art and Psychology.