Carlos Jesus Martinez-Dominguez

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Carlos Jesus Martinez-Dominguez
Fuck the N
Mixed media: spray paint, marker, lino print, glitter on street sign
12 x 18 in

I am a Caribbean New Yorker; atheist on some days, non-theist agnostic on others; liberal, socialist, agitator, ethical polyamorist, marijuana advocate, high-school dropout, GED-holder, autodidact, educator, debater; white people-fearing, all people-loving, LGBTQ-allying; hip-hop, sneaker, comic and sci-fi passionate; Dominican Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist born on a military base in North Carolina in 1976. I have exhibited, taught and spoken in dozens of institutions nationally and internationally. I have been a Washington Heights, NYC resident since 1984 and I make stuff at Coronado Print Studio in El Barrio.

My work conveys my anxiety and thrill regarding history, how that history manifests in the present, and present’s implications for the future. While having much respect and pride in my cultures, sometimes I would rather shine a bright light on things some believe we should reanalyze as opposed to play the cheerleader for..