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Elan   Chief Rocka  Acrylic paint, fabric on canvas   27 x 27 in

Chief Rocka
Acrylic paint, fabric on canvas
27 x 27 in

I am a North American Visual Artist. 

My works are grounded in the domestic, historical imagery and personal narrative.

My artwork begins with the deconstruction of prior knowledge concluding my investigation with a fusion of home, material histories and redefinition. Balancing the intersectionality that exists as a woman of many ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds I'm constantly looking to my personal history to better understand myself and the world.  

I re-invent myself with each project series I take on by using various formats of presentation: video, poetry, storytelling, artifacts, print media, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, illustration and installation. The presentation may differ but remain in constant conversation with each other.

My interest in art began when I was young. My father and mother, always supplied me with art supplies and encouragement. I grew up watching and admiring them both, and as I became older I was introduced to teaching as their assistant.


My formal training began in the High School of Art & Design. After graduation I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology where I studied Advertisement and Design and Photography for two years. I graduated from City College of New York City with a BA in Studio Art and Education in 2008. I specialized in graphic design, printmaking, and education. I also took classes in art instruction and child psychology. I received my Masters in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts May 2018.


I have instructed young people in the arts for 18 years and taught for or was in collaboration with programs/institutions such as the Police Athletic League (P.A.L), Astoria Beacon Program, Young Adult Institute (Y.A.I), Casa Duarte, P.S. /I.S. 180, Say Yes To Education (affiliated with Columbia’s Teachers College), Harlem School of the Arts, Thurgood Marshall Upper and Lower Academies, Harlem Gems (Harlem Children Zone), No Longer Empty, Cool Culture, Bank Street College, Weeksville Heritage Center, the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York Historical Society, Center for Arts Education, Community Works NYC, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Children's Museum and BxArts Factory.