340: both at once

“Immigrants are the mirror in which a nation sees its true self.” 

                                                                                                -Junot Diaz

LatchKey Galleryis proud to presentBoth at Once,an exhibition centered around the personal narratives of painters Raelis Vasquezand John Rivas. Vasquez, born in the Dominican Republic and Rivas, whose family is from El Salvador, ambitiously approach artistic practices through the prism of their lived experience. Navigating their immigrant culture Vasquez and Rivas share views as to what it is to be an immigrant and new American, occupying both at once. This point of view enables the artists to employ the usage of an allegorical narrative that celebrates and humanizes their lives as immigrants in the United States. Each artist finds inspiration from their families, using them as muses and a catalyst to tell their stories to mark the cultural importance of a community who, in this political climate, are often vilified. Both at Onceis an exploration at the role family plays in the immigrant household as pillars of shaping personal identity and support.